Diebold Safe Restore


Hinge Close-up    


Here's some photos of a safe I picked up and plan to restore. I'm in the process of finding out its history right now. If anyone can supply me with any info, I'd appreciate it.


                    It's a monster!             

                                                                       I'd bet it's over 2500 lbs


                              It's 73" H  x  53" W  x  26" D


 The wood inside still looks nice. But two of the top doors have been replaced and one is missing. ^


           Engraving on the inner right door.  >        


         <  Diebold Safe & Lock Co. 

                                                                          Patented May 23, 1871

                                                                                     Canton, O


The patent date is May 23, 1871. Diebold Bahmann Safe Company move to Canton, OH in 1872. In 1876, after becoming incorporated, the company changed its name to Diebold Safe & Lock Company. Which is the company name on the inner door plate and the dial of the safe. In 1943, Diebold Safe & Lock Company again changed its name. This time to Diebold, Incorporated. So the manufacture date must be after 1876 and before 1943.

It also seems that the safe may have been purchased from Polk Bros. From the 1"x1" Polk Bros. tag on the safe. The tag has a 4 digit ID and says "Do Not Remove" Polk Brothers was a large home appliance and electronics retailer in Chicago, Illinois that had 17 stores in the region at its peak in the 1980s. Polk Bros. Inc. was founded by Sol Polk, on the northwest side of Chicago in 1935. The first outlet was on Central Avenue under the name Central Appliance and Furniture at 3334 N. Central Avenue. Brothers Sol, Sam, Harry, David and Morris and their sister, Ghisella "Goldie" Bachmann, ran the business, which was renamed Polk Brothers in 1946.

This Polk Brothers 1946 date is outside of the 1876 to 1943 window of the Diebold name changes.

If you have any info or any photos of a Diebold safe like this one please contact me using the email on the above right. Thanks.


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